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Translation Services



Worldwide Translation

Worldwide Translation provides translation services in more than 30 languages covering all types of documents. 

Document Translation and Counselling Services by Experts

Worldwide Translation provides all types of translation services in more than 30 languages by scholars and translation experts with more than 20 years of experiences in specialized fields of study such as law, medicine, religion, sciences and technology, economics, etc.; as a result, the quality of each type of their translation work has always met the required standard and conveyed the most accurate meanings of the source languages.  Worldwide Translation is well recognized by all embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organizations in the public and private sectors; and our legalization services by Court of Justice Experts and Notary public are trusted by general customers, as well as local and overseas organizations.   


Worldwide Translation provides document translation, interpretation, editing and rewriting services along with other relevant work such as scripting and video subtitling.Our company works with a range of different languages, such as Thai translation, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, Burmese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish and many others. For example, we have an English Thai translator on hand to help you to translate whatever document that you need translated from one of the languages to the other, whether it’s from English to Thai, or Thai to English. We have had the opportunity to work with companies from a variety of different sectors in helping to enhance their core business efficiency. By using our translation service, many of our clients have managed to increase the scope of their potential customers by providing business documentation such as brochures, websites, user manuals and contracts in a variety of languages. Additionally, we source and provide expert interpreters to achieve key business objectives during negotiation sessions.


Worldwide Translation By Supatcha

  • Translation & Interpretation all Languages
  • Legalized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies
  • Certified by the specialist judiciary
  • Marriage Registration for Foreigners
  • Travel Insurance and International Air Ticket Services
  • Visa  and Visa Consultation Services
  • Attorney-at-law and Notary Public
  • International Driving Licence 
  • Translation of all major languages and all types of documents: legal; business; scientific; technical; medical; IT; etc.
  • Multiple Interpretation service, Consecutive Interpretation, Whispered Interpretation (also known as Chuchotage), Business Interpretation, On-Site Interpretation, Telephone Interpretation, Medical Interpretation, Court Interpretation, Accompanying Travels
  • Translation of various document formats such as: labels; letters; web pages; PowerPoint; video; tapes; subtitles; etc.
  • Certification of authenticity from embassies, ministry of foreign affairs and specialists registered at the ministry of justice.
  • Thai language tutoring for foriegners who prefer to study Thai language for daily life.
  • Other service please contact our international call center



Translation Languages Available

1. English 11. Swedish 21. Lao
2. German 12. Norwegian 22. Cambodian
3. French 13. Hungarian 23. Burmese
4. Italian 14. Polish 24. Vietnamese
5. Spanish 15. Hibru 25. Hindi
6. Finnish 16. Korean 26. Tagalog
7. Danish 17. Chinese 27. Arabic
8. Portuquese 18. Japannese 28. Persian
9. Russian 19. Malaysian 29. Uradu
10. Dutch 20. Indonesian 30. Turkish



Worldwide Translation applies a thorough selection process to ensure that a truly capable team of professional translators is available across a range of expertise, including business, personal and government translations. We have professional translators on hand working in a variety of languages who have a business and PR background who can help you translate professional communications such as website content or PR materials. These translators possess exceptional linguistic skills to maintain the specific business image desired by our clients. We also have translators on hand with backgrounds in other fields such as medicine, law and engineering who can help you with documents in these areas which often contain very specific terminology. Our team of interpreters is highly skilled, experienced, and fully prepared to handle a wide variety of work, whether it be at a factory, conference/seminar, exhibition, or require simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.


With over 20 years of experiences in translation service management and our high quality translation work, we genuinely have the required expertise and understanding in all processes relating to the use of translation documents in Thailand and in overseas. If you are looking for professional advice and the best solutions to your translation needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at Worldwide Translation By Supatcha.


Worldwide Translation  is pleased to provide the counselling services for all types of translation work, to provide translation quotation services, and to present our outstanding work performances for your consideration. 

Get more information Tel: +66 02-6543308, +66 02-6543309,+66 081-6484859, +66 086-8933180 Fax: +66 02-6543309, +66 02-2523533 E-mail: / Line ID : Supatcha.wwt Website: www.บริการแปลภาษา.net 

Legalization service

We provide the legalization service with stamps of the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for documents required for overseas

USA Visa Services

U.S. visa service include buying PIN codes, preparing documents, submitting urgent visa application.

Australia Visa Services

Australia visa service include booking the interview date, filling out visa application forms.

Language Translation Services

Language translation services such as contracts, court orders, bidding documents, researches, etc.

Translation Center Bangkok

Our expert translators with over 20 years of work experiences, specializing in each field of study.

Document Translation Services

Translating all types of documents in more than 30 languages such as thesis, annual reports, etc.

Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation such as medical papers, movie scripts, documentaries, advertisements, etc.

All types of translation and interpretation services

Translating all types of documents in more than 30 languages such as thesis, annual reports, contracts, court orders, bidding documents, researches

Certification by Court of Justice Experts and Notary Public

In Thailand, “Notary Public” shall be lawyers licensed by the Lawyers Council of Thailand or shall be called “Notarial Services Attorney”

Worldwide visa application and consulting services

We provide different types of visa application services including non-immigrant visa (tourist/student / business visa) and immigrant visa, filling out

Travel Insurance and  Worldwide Air Tickets

We are an agent of the Bangkok Insurance Co., Ltd., to issue travel insurance for worldwide visa application, which can be used with all embassies.

Marriage registration services

We provide consulting services and prepare the required documents for a Thai person wishing to register his/her marriage with a foreigner

Worldwide Translation

Worldwide Translation, having been well recognized by embassies.

Handbooks Translation Service

Handbooks translation service ; computer, machine and instruction handbooks.

Translation Student's Document Service

Translation about student’s document such as thesis, research and etc.

Russian Translation Service

Russian translation service by the specialist interpreter .

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